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Standard Evaluation System For Rice (SES)
Identifying promising rice germplasm with useful traits is an important activity in rice improvement. The genetic 
potential of breeding materials, whether developed by conventional breeding or genetic engineering, is evaluated based on phenotypic expressions in target environments with the stress of interest. Thus, an accurate and precise yet rapid and practical assessment method should be utilized. 

 This Standard Evaluation System for Rice (SES) has been prepared to enable rice scientists from around the world to speak a common language on evaluation of rice characters. This booklet has two major functions. The first is to expedite data collection, processing and analysis of multi-environment trials (METs). Although the complexity of scale and method of scale assignment varies among rice characters, the SES remains the most popular method used in mass evaluation of breeding lines. The second purpose is to promote an interdisciplinary approach to rice improvement. Devising improved scales and assessment methods, and interpretation of evaluation results require joint efforts of scientists in different disciplines.