Request INGER nurseries (Public Organizations only)

The 2017 INGER nurseries are available for distribution. If you wish to receive nursery sets for evaluation, please fill-out the attached nursery request (see Item 2) and shipping procedures (see Item 3) forms as completely as possible and send back to us soonest. For countries that require an import permit, please send the IMPORT PERMIT together with the nursery request form to avoid delay in seed shipment.

All seeds distributed by IRRI are covered by the Standard Material Transfer Agreement and IRRI-Open Material Transfer Agreement. The attached sample SMTA  and IRRI-OMTA (see Item 4) is for review by the person authorized to accept the SMTA's terms and conditions at your research institute/national program. Please ask him/her to send an e-mail confirming agreement to the SMTA and IRRI-OMTA as well as the list of  Nurseries to be requested to Dr. Julie Mae Criste Pasuquin.

List of documents for download: