These areas are with good water control suitable for growing of improved varieties with short stature. Perhaps 70 to 75% of world rice production comes from irrigated areas. In irrigation areas, rainfall supplements irrigation water. Varieties with short stature, short growth duration, and multiple disease and insect resistance perform best. The temperature range is acceptable for normal rice growth throughout the growing period.

MET Stage 0                                                                                             
MET Stage 1                                                                                             

The MET 1 - trial is the first stage of testing for irrigated breeding lines from IRRI and collaborating NARES institution under the overall MET concept. 

MET Stage 2                                                                                             

The MET 2 - IR trial is the second stage of testing of irrigated breedingl lines from IRRI and collaborating NARES institution selected promising lines from MET Stage 1 for irrigated breeding lines under the overall MET concept.