Request INGER Trials

(For Public Organizations only)

Obtaining rice elite breeding lines from INGER for evaluation under trial

INGER germplasm is sent under FAO International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA). to facilitate the sharing and exchange of the germplasm developed by various organizations across several countries which are not yet released as a variety in the public domain but still under development (PGRFA under development: PGRFA-UD) FAO developed a Multi Lateral System.


To assist the countries to exchange germplasm under the multilateral system, FAO has developed Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA). SMTA allows organizations in countries to record and share germplasm among organizations for research and development purposes with or without extra attached conditions in alignment with the FAO guidelines as the treaty.


Study the Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA) carefully, and verify that you are able to comply with it. IRRI follows the “Shrink Wrap System as per FAO guide page 55. IRRI will also send an Open Material Transfer Agreement (OMTA) with specific conditions set by IRRI for its Intellectual Property Management as per CGIAR guidelines.


Only improved rice breeding lines PGRFA-UD and pre-released improved varieties are part of INGER network. Land races, heritage rice, wild rice, Genetically Modified Organisms, Gene Edited Organisms are not part of INGER.


INGER Head at IRRI will send email to all the INGER partners with documents for requesting INGER trials each year.

All requests for INGER trials must come from Authorized person from the organization who is employed by the organization. Requests must be sent at least 6-8 months prior to sowing time with additional time added for obtaining import permits and other clearances.

Please Send request by email together with the following:

  • Name of the requester with designation and organizational details

  • A statement of the purpose for which you need the material. Project proposal brief with names or multi organizations if needed. If the project involves private organization it must be disclosed. IRRI will not send germplasm to private sector under INGER network.

  • A statement that SMTA accepted by the authorized person in the organization.

  • The person or organization who should be named as recipient in SMTA

  • An import permit, if needed

  • GMO free certification if required.

  • Phytosanitary instructions (commonly included with the import permit)

  • Shipping particulars if any. IRRI will generally send seed through double layered cardboard boxes housing the seed packed in sealed plastic bags.

  • Shipping address with any special shipping instructions if any