Nominate breeding lines or varieties to INGER

In line with the revitalization of INGER, we seek your assistance in urging plant breeders in your country to contribute their outstanding breeding lines and varieties to INGER for global testing and for sharing with scientists working on rice improvement. A constant flow of variety nominations from the national systems to INGER will re-invigorate the network and make available to breeders worldwide valuable genetic resources to accelerate and enhance the development of rice varieties worldwide. We would appreciate receiving outstanding breeding lines with high yield potential and resistance to pests and diseases, and tolerance for abiotic stresses such as heat, cold, drought, and adverse soils.

The seed requirements for nominations to the different INGER nurseries are available for download here. The nomination form for varieties/breeding lines developed in your country is given here. Please provide the parentage and other available information (morpho-agronomic traits, grain quality, and stress characteristics) of your nominations. All materials shared with INGER will be covered by the Standard Material Transfer Agreement under the International Treaty for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. The Phytosanitary Certificate should be sent together with seeds.
List of required documents in processing the transaction:
  1. Seed requirements for different INGER nurseries.
  2. Basic Information Sheet for Incoming Materials (download the info sheet and fill up the form prior send it to
  3. Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA)
  4. Philippine Import Permit (we will apply for this permit once Basic Information Sheet for Incoming Material and SMTA are completed)
  5. Phytosanitary Certificate from your country's plant quarantine service (attach the original copy along with the seeds and furnish us a copy)