INGER Annual Data Reports

INGER has become a regular component and a constant and reliable source of elite breeding materials for NARES’ and IARCs’ rice improvement programs. The NARES and IARCs enter their best breeding lines in INGER nurseries and these are systematically evaluated by NARES scientists all over the world under major rice ecosystems and biotic and abiotic stress conditions.

These summarize the multi-location data submitted by the NARES to IRRI for the year indicated. The anonymous authorship is intended to reflect the cooperative efforts of the many scientists who shared their materials and those who contributed their resources, time, and effort in conducting the various trials. IRRI and the INGER family acknowledge and appreciate their valuable contributions.

 Annual Report 2020

 Annual Report 2019

 Annual Report 2018

 Annual Report 2017

 Annual Report 2016

 Annual Report 2015

 Annual Report 2014

 Annual Report 2013

 Annual Report 2012

 Annual Report 2011

 Annual Report 2010


 Annual Report 2009

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 Annual Report 2006


 Annual Report 2005


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