INGER Trials Data and Information

INGER information is provided as open access to all INGER partners and other interested collaborators and rice breeding professionals and experts. All data is collected from partners, data is validated for each trial, analyzed using the best practices of analysis using IRRI developed analysis tools. After analysis data summary tables are generated and reports published. From time to time other information is also published relevant to the the INGER partners. 

Partners are encouraged to access the data and utilize the data for parental selections for crosses, direct release of varieties and for other research purposes. Partners need to comply with the conditions of SMTA and IRRI OMTA for any publications and also acknowledge the contribution of IRRI and the Head of EGDEN through authorships and acknowledgements. IRRI will share the SMTA and OMTA to all partners focal organizations at the time of seed consignments dispatch however if individual partners require the SMTA and OMTA IRRI can share a copy also to enable partners to comply with the conditions of sharing of the germplasm